Aikibojitsu Founder, John Thomas Read

Aikibojitsu Founder, John Thomas Read

Aikibojitsu Summer Retreat
June 21 - 23

Aikibojitsu is a beautiful and challenging art form within which practitioners explore depths of silence and peaks of explosive power through precise and flowing movements with a staff. Based in a sophisticated and powerful approach to the martial art of Aikido, Aikibojitsu lends itself to a unique approach to a martial system that ultimately comes down to confrontation with a simple stick of wood. In this confrontation there is no hiding from oneself because the staff is a perfect mirror. Thus Aikibojitsu is an archetypal call for practitioners to look deeply and directly within, at the simple and unique fact of existence, alone, but with power. A unique approach to martial arts, Aikibojitsu provides an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the power of non-resistance.  

This website represents the primary source of information on the practice of Aikibojitsu, containing theory, video examples, and some basic tutorials. For those interested in Aikibojitsu but unable to attend our dojo, we are developing a Distance Learning Program that will provide a variety of resources and tools to enable study from beginning level to higher levels with guidance and feedback from a licensed Aikibojitsu instructor.


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