Aikibojitsu Summer Retreat
to Jun 23

Aikibojitsu Summer Retreat

Join us for a weekend devoted to an in depth examination of Aikibojitsu. Look forward to expert discussions of technique and perspective with Founder Read Sensei. There will be one class Friday evening, 2-3 classes on Saturday, and one class Sunday morning.

Please arrive by 4 pm on Friday. Bring your camping gear, appropriate clothing for June in the foothills of the Trinity Alps, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Also bring food for the weekend, though we anticipate joint meals will happen some of the time, and there will be a pot luck on Saturday evening. There is potable water at the main house.

DIRECTIONS: Going East on 299 turn left on Hennessy Road across from the Burnt Ranch post office. 2 miles up Hennessy Road, driveway with green metal gate on left just after pavement ends; once arrived park on leveled area below the studio on the right.

  • We Will Provide Outdoor Kitchen With Propane Stoves, Pots And Pans, And Utensils.

  • Participants Should Bring Camping Gear And Food For Lunches And Saturday Evening Barbecue. Bring Lots Of Cold Drinks.

  • Friday Night We'll Provide Curry And Rice,

  • Saturday Morning We Are Making Waffles, Coffee, Chai Tea.

  • Saturday Night Dinner We'll Provide Potato Salad. Participants Bring Their Preferred Additions And Beverages To Share.

  • Sunday Morning We'll Provide Quiche, Coffee, Chai Tea.

  • Bring Food You Want To Contribute To What Is Being Provided For Each Meal, Or Your Special Needs.

  • Come Prepared For Hot, Sunny Weather.

Tuition for the weekend is $155

To pay tuition, use the PayPal button

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