Regular Aikibojitsu Class

Saturday mornings, 7 - 9 a.m.

Northcoast Aikido, 890 G St., Arcata, CA


The best way to study Aikibojitsu is with us at Northcoast Aikido, 890 G st. Arcata, California, 95521, every Saturday morning from 7 - 9 a.m. Taught by the founder Tom Read, and by Robert Ekholdt 7th dan and other senior students. Classes are based upon study of Short and Complex Forms and how to touch and efficiently utilize underlying preformal order. Students absorb the material from a given class then practice it on their own for the week until the next class. Students are given direct feedback and encouragement. This method of training is ideal for Distance Learning as well.

Distance Learning

Because we live in a remote area we have been in the process of developing a Distance Learning program for Aikibojitsu members that is video-based. This program is designed to allow students to pursue solo study under the direct tutelage of advanced Aikibojitsu instructors for a minimal cost. Lessons are based upon student video submissions and email. While Short Forms are often relatively easy to learn in terms of hand/foot placement and body movements, optimized accelerations and sweeping energy flows touched upon by staff work lead to an increasingly sophisticated and powerful insights and skill. Students are be progressively taught the meaning of the underlying universal determinative structures that define and determine matter, something whose mastery is a lifelong task. To join the mailing list, click on the Contact button above.