Regular Aikibojitsu Class

Saturday mornings, 7 - 9 a.m.

Northcoast Aikido, 890 G St., Arcata, CA


The best way to study Aikibojitsu is with us at Northcoast Aikido, 890 G st. Arcata, California, 95521, every Saturday morning from 7 - 9 a.m. Taught by the Founder Tom Read, this class is also regularly attended by Robert Ekholdt, the senior Aikibojitsu student who holds the rank of 7th dan. There is a wealth of training experience and information to be found! Students absorb the material from a given class, practice it on their own for the week, and present what they have discovered to the teachers for feedback and encouragement. If you have any questions about training with us, please drop us an email on the Contact page.

The world is a big place, however, and many people are interested in training who are unable to come see us in person. For that reason, we are developing the Distance Learning program for Aikibojitsu members. This program will allow students to pursue a necessarily solo study under the tutelage of Aikibojitsu instructors selected by Sensei Read, through video submissions and email. Many of the forms are relatively easy to learn in terms of hand/foot placement and body movements, but embodying the underlying universal decontracted is a lifelong task, and is the entire aim of the study.